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  MetaStock v XIII

Download price updates into your computer quickly and easily

The easiest way to download prices is with The DownLoader tm  for Windows, which automatically collects historical and end-of-day price quotes.

The DownLoader's flexibility will let you get price quotes from whatever vendor best suits your trading style.

Like MetaStock for Windows, The DownLoader is Certified Microsoft Office Compatible.

ll versions of MetaStock now come with the full version of The DownLoader.

The DownLoader for Windows

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MetaStock v XIII  
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MetaStock v XIII
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  • Collect data in the background
  • Work with a super-flexible datasheet
  • Get 25 levels of Undo/Redo
  • Use the ticker symbol lookup
  • Collect over 65,000 securities in a single session
  • Test for over 100 different error conditions, automatically
  • Copy data into other programs like Microsoft Excel
  • Get 57.6 kbps support for CompuServe and Dial/Data
  • Customize for each data vendor (phone numbers and communication settings)
  • Edit multiple securities in multiple directories at the same time
You can also get MetaStock-compatible data from the following data services, using the software they supply or software provided by a third party:

All Quotes, Bonneville (BMI), Commodity Systems, Inc., CompuServe, Dial/Data, Dow Jones, DBC Signal, 
DTN Wall Street, Future Link, Genesis Data Services, Glance Market Data, Interactive Data Corporation, 
Investors FastTrack, Iverson, Knight-Ridder, National Computer Network, PC Quote, Pinnacle Data Corporation,
Prodigy, Prophet Information Services, Radio Exchange, Reuters DataLink, Stock Data, TC2000, Tech Tools, 
Telemet, Telescan, Tick Data, X*PRESS 


Research Technology (Australia), Financial Database (Belgium), Glance; (Canada), Inforent; 
Sharework (Germany), Profile Systems (Greece), DART (India), B.I.G. (Italy), Ed Van der Ende Commodity Consultancy; 
Stockdata Amsterdam (Netherlands), Micom (New Zealand), Key Computers (Singapore), Folkes Data (Sweden), 
Portmann Bureautic (Switzerland), Fundtecon (Thailand), Bogazici Data Paralama (Turkey), Penguin Trading Services (U.K.)

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MetaStock is a trademark of Equis International
Wall Street Software is an authorized distributor for Equis products

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