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A team of expert traders at your command for personal tutoring...

magine having some of the greatest technical analysis minds in the world looking over your shoulder, coaching you as you make your trading decisions. That’s exactly what you’ll get with the amazing multimedia analysis tool called the Expert Advisor in MetaStock and MetaStock Pro.

This all-purpose workhorse not only helps automate your trading systems, but it's also a powerful way to learn and automate every aspect of your analysis.

Gurus in a box. The Expert Advisor gives you limitless possibilities to learn from noted analysts on how they analyze charts. We've helped each of these experts take their own methods of analyzing charts and trading conditions and put them into MetaStock Pro so you can benefit from their years of trading experience.

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The Expert Advisor in MetaStock also lets you create your own expert advisories to make quick work of your everyday analysis routines. And it’s all contained in one easy-to-maintain place. You simply create the rules for your trend ribbon, highlights, symbols, alerts, and commentary. Then apply it to any chart you want to examine, and your analysis is done. No other trading software lets you automate your analysis in such detail.

Expert Trends. It's easy to define and view trending periods with this portion of the Expert Advisor. The trends appear on an easy-to-read trend ribbon across the bottom of your chart showing the bullish, bearish, and neutral zones. With this trend ribbon displayed, you can quickly check to see how well your own favorite indicators match the trends mapped out by the expert you're studying. Or you can easily create your own trend ribbons based on your own criteria.

Expert Highlights. Highlights are a great visual tool for analyzing a chart. They let you color code individual bars or significant chart patterns when important conditions occur on your chart. For example, you may want your price bars painted yellow when certain indicators are giving early trade signals, or paint them red when volume is unusually low and green when volume is unusually high. When you can't afford to miss important changes in chart conditions, you'll be glad you have MetaStock's Expert Highlights working for you.

Expert Symbols. Using MetaStock's Expert Symbols is very similar to Expert Highlights, except a symbol is placed at the point where your special condition is met: buy/sell arrows, text, or any other symbol from MetaStock Pro’s extensive symbol palette. It's the ideal way to mark important events throughout the trading day.

Expert Alerts. When you're trading multiple markets, things move fast. And it's almost impossible to keep track of all your charts yourself. That's why you'll love MetaStock's Expert Alerts. With alerts, you’ll always stay in touch with the current trading condition of your chart. And you can have MetaStock monitor your charts for nearly any type of condition you can think of, from simple price and volume alerts to complex indicator triggers and multiple condition alerts. For each alert, you can customize the text to match what is actually happening, or even include sound and video files to supplement the information.

Expert Commentary. All of the analysis you can automate with the Expert Advisor culminates in its Expert Commentary feature. Other programs may show you a few canned sentences to describe what’s happening on your chart. But the Expert Commentary in MetaStock is a fully customized report that shows you in great detail how your expert assesses the chart you’re looking at. Is it bullish or bearish? Why? Is it a buy, sell, or hold situation? You’ll get insight gained through years of research and real-world trading – simplified to a click of the mouse. Even the tiniest details are customizable, such as displaying different fonts, colors, and more!

Pinpoint Japanese Candlestick Patterns. Built right into MetaStock's Expert Advisor is the ability to automatically analyze your charts to identify and label 31 different candlestick patterns. Each pattern is clearly labeled for easy identification. If you're only interested in certain candlestick patterns, just tell MetaStock to ignore the others. It's completely flexible, so you'll only see the information you're interested in. It's another way MetaStock saves time and helps you stay focused on making better trading decisions. 

Of course, you can also create your own commentary reports that automate your own unique style and insight. Just create the outline of your commentary once, and it will customize itself for any chart you look at. It's just another great feature that you'll only find in MetaStock.

  • Tushar Chande: Author and analyst. Inventor of the Chande Momentum Oscillator and other popular trading indicators. Co-author of The New Technical Trader.

  • Greg Morris: Author, analyst, and collector of time-tested trading indicators and systems. Author of Candlestick Charting Explained.

  • Martin Pring: Editor of the Intermarket Review and the Global Chart Book. Principal of Pring Turner Capital Group and author of Market Momentum.

  • Gilbert Raff: Portfolio Manager at MarketSpace Financial and inventor of the Raff Regression Channel Author of Trading the Regression Channel.

  • Don Fishback: One of the country’s leading authorities on option theory, volatility, and its application. Author of Options for Beginners.

  • Bill Williams: Author of Trading Chaos and creator of the Market Facilitation Index indicator.

  • Cynthia Kase: CMT, CTA. President of Kase and Company and author of Trading with the Odds.

  • Cold Springs Scientific: Provides proprietary systems to private and institutional traders.

  • Rex Takasugi: President of Technical Disciplines, also publishes a monthly investment advisory newsletter by the same name. 

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